Vehicle Donation

Why Donate a Vehicle to the Nevada PVA?

las vegas car donation benefits Nevada PVA There are many reasons to consider a vehicle donation to Paralyzed Veterans of America, Nevada Chapter here in Las Vegas. When you donate a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, ATV, airplane, or other vehicle, you help us provide much-needed services and support to veterans with disabilities.

Your vehicle donation may also be tax deductible, which can save you money come tax time. And best of all, vehicle donations are easy to make – simply call us at 702-545-8044 or fill out an online form on, and we’ll take care of the rest. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of veterans in need. Contact us today to schedule pickup for your vehicle donation.

How a vehicle donation helps support Nevada veterans

When you donate a car or any vehicle to the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Nevada Chapter you help support life-changing programs for veterans in Las Vegas and across Nevada. From Adopt-a-Vet Program and beyond, our programs are designed to help veterans with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities live their best lives.

In Las Vegas, we offer a range of programs specifically for veterans. These programs include sports and recreation, health and wellness services, advocacy and more. We also provide groceries and hygiene products for veterans in need on a monthly basis. Your vehicle donation helps us to continue our work on behalf of veterans in Las Vegas and across the country.
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Tax benefits of donating a car to the Nevada PVA veterans charity

If you’re thinking about donating a car to our charity, you may be wondering if there are any tax benefits associated with this act of generosity. The answer is yes! When you donate a vehicle to Nevada PVA charity, you may be able to deduct the fair market value of the car from your taxes.

Plus our charity car donation program is different than most of them out there. What makes us different is in most cases we actually repair vehicles when needed and sell them in a Las Vegas public car auction. By doing this we are able to increase the fair market value of your vehicle tremendously giving you a larger tax break.

However, it’s important to consult with a tax specialist to ensure that you are eligible for this deduction.

Easy process of making a vehicle donation

A vehicle donation is a fantastic way to support our veterans charity. The process is quite simple. You can either call us or fill out the form on our donation site. We will then schedule a convenient time to pick up the vehicle. Our team will take care of the rest! Your vehicle donation will go towards helping veterans in need in the Las Vegas area. We are so grateful for your support!

Types of vehicles that can be donated

The Nevada Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America accepts vehicle donations in any condition. Whether you have a classic car, a junker, or anything in between, we will take it off your hands. This includes cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, minivans, boats, ATVs, and even airplanes. Donating your vehicle is a great way to support our organization and our mission. Plus, it’s easy to do. Simply fill out our online form or give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even pick up the vehicle from anywhere in Las Vegas. So please consider donating your vehicle today. Thank you for your support!

Nevada Paralyzed Veterans of America accepts donated Cars, Trucks, Motorhomes, and Boats, etc.. Please call Marv at 702/545-8044 with your donations.

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