ADA Auto Club

ADA Nationwide offers access to benefits and services specially created with wheelchair driver and passenger in mind. Our membership provides drivers with disabilities and security of knowing that we will go the distance with them when the vehicle or wheelchair they use fails in some way! Services are available 24 HOURS A DAY – 365 DAYS A YEAR with a vendor network of over 47,000 service providers nationwide. The founders of ADA Nationwide have a combined 20+ years of automotive and roadside assistance experience in assisting drivers and passengers who use a wheelchair.
ADA Auto Club, understands that different drivers have different needs. Whether you find yourself with a vehicle problem or a wheelchair or lift malfunction, you will always have a dedicated specialist there to go the distance with you through the entire call process. Our mission is to remain devoted to the security and safety of our members while traveling, and we will work to keep our members mobile when a vehicle or mobility device stops working because being left behind is never an option.
In additions to the specialized services and benefits of your membership with ADA Nationwide, you are helping to sustain important accessible services for people with disabilities nationwide!
Attached is a brochure and enrollment form with discounts for Paralyzed Veterans of America. The offer on the attached form is for Veterans only. Anyone who wishes to get membership can mail the form. The form may also be sent by Fax or email. Of course a person can dial our toll free number at 800-720-3132 and tells us they are a Paralyzed Veteran of America to get the discount.  ADA forms.

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